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The Poodle and the Chickens

Once upon a sunny sunday morning on a little, peaceful farm near a mysterious forest, three chickens met in a dark corner of their henhouse because they did not like sunshine and good weather. Inside, they cackled so hysteriously that the poodle who walked across the barnyard became curious and overheard their conversation.
“Look how mighty the old wise watchdog is and how sweet and innocent his little puppy is,” said the first hen.
“Yes,” agreed the second hen, “but there is one who is even stronger.”
“I know who you are talking about,” interrupted the third hen, “you are referring to the shy poodle who is always so obedient to the old watchdog.”
In surprise, the poodle smiled and cheerfully walked away because everybody knows that you cannot take chickens seriously.
The same night he met the fox from the mysterious, dark forest and told him about the chickens’ assumptions. For a second the poodle recognized a diabolic sparkle in the fox’s eyes.
“If you asked me they are absolutely right. Do you really want to be inferior for the rest of your life? You could manage it if you stopped being so nice.”
Influenced by the fox the poodle developed a very strong ambition and killed the watchdog with the fox’s help and thus became the leader of the farm, but all the others despised him for his pride and his cruelty.
As soon as the watchdog’s little puppy had grown up he killed the poodle and everybody was happy again.
Moral: Give in to temptation and you will enjoy temporary happiness.

Friederike B., Isabella B., Jasmin L., Christina R.:
The Poodle and the Chickens (eine Fabel nach Shakespeares Macbeth)

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